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Industrial filleting machine for meat.



DIMAQ XXI, is a food machinery import and distribution company with a proven track record in the sector both in large-scale distribution and in the meat industry.

Since 2011 it has been manufacturing the EBAKI horizontal filleting machine for boneless meat, aimed mainly at the poultry industry. A range of machine models have been developed over the years, thus meeting different market requirements.

Horizontal boneless meat slicer

Solution for regular horizontal cutting of boneless meat. Precise cutting and high yield!

Special filleting machine for meat

The Ebaki horizontal slicer cuts chicken, turkey, beef, pork, sausage… into fillets of different thicknesses.

  • carne de pollo
  • fileteado de carne de vacuno
  • fileteado de carne con la cortadora horizontal ebaki slicer
  • fileteado de salchichas con la cortadora horizontal ebaki slicer

High yield

máximo aprovechamiento con la cinta transportadora durante el fileteado

The product is transported to the cutting area via a lower and an upper conveyor belt which holds and flattens the product during filleting, ensuring minimal waste.

Extreme cutting precision

corte preciso con las cuchillas de la fileteadora Ebaki

The blades move in opposite directions to each other, so this prevents the product from moving, and provides a very even cut result thus achieving parallel sliced fillets.



versatilidad de la fileteadora horizontal ebaki: cambio de cuchillas

The cutting lanes and cutting sets are separate, meaning that a different number of blades of different thicknesses can be fitted into each of them, therefore, helping to ensure the equipment’s versatility.

Versions available with 1,2 and 3 cutting lanes to suit different output needs.

The Ebaki industrial meat filleting machine complies with the CE regulations.


See all the technical features of the EBAKI horizontal slicer in the brochure